It’s official – we’re moving!!!

24 Nov


There aren’t enough exclamation points to convey how excited I am about this move!! We signed the lease tonight after a month of looking for a place to live. The house we are moving to was the very first house that we looked at. When we saw it that first time we had a really good feeling about it and everything about the house fit our needs and wants. The only problem was that we had told ourselves we wouldn’t jump into the first place that we loved. We stayed true to our word and looked at 6 other places. They all had their ups and downs – one even had a swimming pool – but none of them lived up to the first house that we held closely to our hearts. We couldn’t stop thinking about it even when we tried and all we talked about was that house. We even started talking about where Noah would store his tools!!

A couple weeks went by and we realized that the first house was OUR house and we wanted it, badly. So when we took a second look at craigslist to pull up the landlord’s phone number we experienced a rude awakening in finding that the house posting was no longer there! We were shocked and couldn’t believe it had already been rented out after just 2 weeks! We didn’t want to believe it and needed to confirm the harsh reality so we decided to call the landlord. Unfortunately for us we had switched phones just a few days before and didn’t have our call logs anymore! Noah suggested that I look in our phone records to find the number. I couldn’t remember exactly what day or time we called her so I began calling every random 703 number on the list. When I finally reached a nondescript answering machine I decided to leave a [somewhat desperate] message. A few days later I received a phone call from the landlord saying that her previous tenant forwarded her my voice mail. I guess I got lucky that the tenant was a good person!

We took a second look at the house and the second viewing confirmed exactly what we thought – we wanted THIS house. It had 3 bedrooms, a galley kitchen with plenty of storage space, a huge master bedroom with an actual bathroom, wood floors throughout and our favorite part – a HUGE backyard! It is also walking distance to a few things – Ledo’s Pizza, Starbucks, Trader Joe’s…to name a few. AND it is even closer to Rt. 66 than we are now! Almost two weeks after our second walk through we finally signed our lease! We will begin to move in on December 1st but will still have our current place until the 31st. It will be nice to be obligated to moving for an entire weekend but we will probably try to get into the new place ASAP. I will be sure to post pictures!

Falls Church here we come!:-D



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