Day 28 – What’s in your purse?

16 Dec

I’m sorry! I am a bad blogger. This is exactly why I did the 30 day blog journal – so that I would have to post every day! Well, I failed on that one! But that’s okay because I was kind of getting tired of the 30 day blog journal and I think that’s why I took a break. That and the fact that we were moving last week and then we both had the flu for 4 days!!

So tonight I will sit down and finish my final 3 posts of the blog journal…and then I’ll start the real blogging that I’ve wanted to do!!

My handbag is always a mess. Every once in a while I clean it out but let’s just say tonight is not that once in a while!

The following items can currently be found in my purse:

  • my bright yellow wallet from New York and Company
  • a CD of our wedding photos
  • winter gloves
  • a stack of return address labels (that are no longer usable!)
  • trident layers gum – strawberry flavored
  • a phone charger
  • iPod touch and headphones
  • sunglasses
  • contacts – just in case
  • glasses case

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