Day 29 – hopes, dreams and plans for the next year

16 Dec

My hopes for the next year are:

  • that Noah and I have a happy and healthy first year of marriage
  • that my soon to be nephew or niece and other soon to be nephew are born healthy and that their moms are healthy too
  • that Noah is able to find a job that he truly enjoys

My dreams for the next year are:

  • to continue to save money and hopefully be at a good point to start planning to buy a house
  • to take a vacation to either California or Europe
  • to get the drive and motivation to go back to school and just do it

My plans for the next year

  • to go to 4 weddings!
  • to go to Georgia for our one year anniversary and eat the top tier of our cake
  • to tend to the garden in our backyard and make it my own
  • to get in better shape and continue to make healthy dinners in our crockpot as much as possible!


What are your hopes, dreams and plans?



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