I want to go on a cruise!

20 Dec

Noah and I are going to have a busy year next year. We already have plans for 3 weddings between May and July. In addition, I am planning to go to New York in January to visit my friends from college. I’m sure there are going to be other weekends that are taken up as well. All of these plans, while I’m excited for them, mean that we are going to have less time (and money) for a vacation.

Originally we were planning to go to either California for two weeks or to Europe. I was leaning towards California and Noah was leaning towards Europe. Then we learned of all of our plans and realized that going on a two week vacation that will cost so much really just isn’t in the cards for next year. So instead of a longer vacation I thought we could split up our vacation days throughout the year. Our first vacation will be spending an extra few days in Jekyll Island, Georgia or Savannah when we are down there for our friends’ wedding. Then we will also go down to Georgia to spend our first anniversary at the same hotel we stayed at on our wedding night. I think we will still have a few vacation days so the last thing that I thought we could do is go on a cruise. We could do a 4 or 5 day cruise that would have 2 or 3 stops. I would love to do that either in late winter/early spring or the beginning of winter in 2011. I’m going to keep my eye out for good deals….I hope we can make this happen!!


One Response to “I want to go on a cruise!”

  1. Mrs. JYW December 20, 2010 at 5:37 pm #

    We are running into the same problem, we wanted a long vacation, but between work/school/plans/weddings everything’s getting mixed up!

    We will be doing a few small trips instead! 🙂 Boston, Vegas, Cruise, etc. 😛

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