Why I love Sundays

20 Dec

Sundays are great days. I love to sleep in really late and then wake up feeling refreshed. Not only do I have the luxury of sleeping in on Sundays, but I also love that I don’t feel as lazy on Sunday as I do on Saturday. Because Monday is coming up I know that I have to get things done. And we did get some things done today! In the morning we unpacked my car and brought all the boxes into the house. For lunch we went to Tyson’s Bagel Mart. Then we went to a little bookstore called Hole in the Wall Books so that I could buy some records for Noah’s Christmas gift. The book store was really small and cramped – tons of books! We looked through the records and only found three – Credence Clearwater Revival, Cat Stevens, and Simon and Garfunkel. It was only $14 for those three! After that we went to the grocery store and got dinner for the next two nights. Tonight is a pork roast with carrots, baby potatoes, celery, onion and garlic. Tomorrow we’ll have some sort of chicken dish. Once we got home I cleaned the kitchen – it took a while!! Then I cleaned the living room and dining room as well. I addressed some of the final thank you cards I’m sending out for wedding gifts and then I paid my property tax! I definitely feel like I’ve gotten a lot done today and it’s such a good feeling! It’s only 7:00 and I feel like I have hours ahead of me. It feels awesome! I still have a few things to do – finish up the last of the hand wash dishes, do some laundry and maybe do a little work, but none of those things are imperative right now!


I hope everyone else enjoys Sundays as much as I do!

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