I never thought the day would come

9 Jan

When our dog would play nicely with another dog. That may sound odd to some…but for the past 4 years of my life, I would have never thought that Nixon would even be able to be within 5 feet of another dog.

Let me give you some background…..Noah and I got Nixon from a friend while we were still in college. Our friend found Nixon on the side of the road so he took him to his apartment. He called Noah and asked if we wanted a dog. Noah and I are both dog people and were excited of the thought of having a dog (even though we didn’t live together at this point) but we knew that it would be expensive and we didn’t really think it was the right time. We played with the dog for a few days but then left for a spring break trip for a week. We decided over that week that we couldn’t keep the dog. Once we got back and saw the dog again, we just knew that he was ours. So we took him in.

Fast forward to one year later when we were living in our first apartment together. We went away for the weekend and put Nixon in a kennel. It wasn’t the first time we had put him in one so we didn’t think anything of it. We got back from our trip on a Sunday but were not supposed to pick up Nixon until Monday morning. Sunday night we got a call from the kennel – Nixon had been in a fight with another dog. We wanted to pick Nixon up right away, but they said we had to wait til Monday morning. We ignored what they had to say and picked him up that night. He was beat up really badly – cuts all over his face and his eyes all bruised and swollen. It was absolutely heart breaking. The people at the kennel told us that Nixon had been aggressive towards another dog and that the only way they could stop Nixon from continuing to attack was to spray him in the face with a powerful hose. It was terrible.

From that day forward we always thought that Nixon was dog-aggressive. We became really anxious while taking him on walks and would tense up when we passed by another dog- even if the dog was on the opposite side of the street. Nixon would always pull on the leash and start whining when he saw other dogs so we just assumed it was because he wanted to attack. It’s terrible as pit bull owners to succumb to the stigmas that come along with owning a pit bull, but that’s exactly what we were doing.

Another year later we were taking Nixon on a walk in our neighborhood when we saw a woman walking her large dog across the street. We figured we were fine and would just try to walk quickly to pass them. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, the woman’s dog bolted across the street towards Nixon. Nixon and the dog got into a fight and Nixon was beat up pretty badly. He had to have emergency surgery and was out of commission for several days. The surgery cost over $1000, but luckily (and it’s weird to say this) Noah got bit by the other dog so the woman and her husband offered to pay for the surgery since it was technically their fault. See – they didn’t have their dog properly hooked onto its leash.

After those incidents we were always weary and would never allow Nixon around other dogs. But it always hindered our lives – we couldn’t take walks at normal hours or bring Nixon down to Georgia with us if other dogs were going to be around. We always wanted to get him training, but just never had the money to do it. Then recently, Noah’s twin sister moved to town and she has a dog. Noah and his sister decided they would socialize the two dogs. They took them on several walks together and everything was fine. Then they moved to keeping Nixon on a leash while her dog sniffed him and scoped out the situation. THEN they let both dogs off leash and we sat in our guest bedroom with the door closed and let the dogs play. They were like two peas in a pod!!!! Nixon was playing so well with her (Kimchi) and not being aggressive at all! It was such an amazing thing to see and we are so proud of him. This means that within the next year or two we will be able to get another dog….a playmate for Nixon. It really is such a huge step for us and Nixon and we are overjoyed that everything went well!!!


Here are the two of them just hanging out on the couch (posing as much as possible for this picture)


2 Responses to “I never thought the day would come”

  1. This Italian Family January 10, 2011 at 2:36 am #

    Aww, I am so glad Nixon has a puppy friend now! If we lived closer, we could so get him and Oreo together for puppy playdates! Oreo needs a dog-friend so much. Every time he is around other dogs he just has the greatest time in the world running and chasing and playing. But that happens like once every couple of months. We really need to be better about taking him to the dog park here in town, but it’s so big (acres and acres big) and not entirely fenced in near a busy road. Oreo responds well to commands at home, but it’s harder out in the open when there are so many distractions.

  2. Mrs. JYW January 10, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

    Aw I’m so sad to hear about Nixon’s incidents in the past! But, that picture is adorably sweet and I’m so happy to hear he’s got a new doggypal. Especially, one named after a Korean sidedish! 😛

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