If you’re sick, stay home.

26 Jan

This is just a little rant from the office. If you are sick – STAY HOME! No one wants to hear the person next to them hacking and coughing and sniffling and blowing all day long. The cough is what especially gets to me. I can’t deal with it! This is exactly what sick time is for. I don’t care if you feel well enough to come into the office, I care whether or not you are spreading your nasty sick germs to me! I get sick pretty easily (always have) so I’m just remembering to load up on my vitamins (I take a prenatal vitamin & a vitamin D supplement – no, I’m not pregnant or trying to conceive!!) and drinking a lot of fluids. Oh and of course washing my hands like clockwork.

So as much as we all like to pretend we can handle things, even the common cold, as a courtesy to all others, please just take a sick day when you are germy and gross!






One Response to “If you’re sick, stay home.”

  1. Laura January 26, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    This drives me crazy too. Nobody thinks you’re “awesome” for coming into work sick–we think you’re stupid. There is a girl at my office who came in with a fever and I marched into my bosses office and said either she needed to go home NOW or I was working from home. They sent her home. Nobody thought she was a “great worker”, we all thought she was an asshole.

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