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Day 17 – An Art Piece

1 Dec

I’m no art buff, but I do have an appreciation for it. I enjoy going to museums and analyzing paintings, photographs, drawings, sculptures, etc. I even really enjoyed the Art History course I took in college! I didn’t want to go with something totally cliche (Starry Night, Mona Lisa…) so I decided on this one, because I love all things sail boats!

The painting is called “The Seine at Le Grande Jatte” by George-Pierre Seurat.


Things I love – ModDogShop

16 Nov

I just found this Etsy shop while looking for gifts the other day and I absolutely love it. It’s called ModDogShop and they make super adorable dog and cat silhouette prints.

I think this could be the perfect gift for the dog lover or just a fun way to brighten up a wall! You can even get a custom print done from a photo of your pet!