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Day 10 – A photo of you from over 10 years ago

23 Nov

I don’t have too many pictures of myself from when I was younger on my computer, but I do have a few from when Noah put together our rehearsal dinner slideshow. Here’s one of the best ones I found…



Day 8 – A Photo that makes you sad

21 Nov

This picture was taken on the day Noah and I graduated from college with his Grandpa Bennie. It makes me sad because Bennie passed away last May. 😦

Day 7 – A photo that makes you happy

21 Nov

This photo makes me extremely happy every time I see it. Look at it! How can you not be happy when seeing this photo? My smile is huge and it’s obvious that the excitement I was feeling in that moment was uncontrollable! And then there is my dad’s face. It is just amazing to me. He is looking down the aisle at Noah and he just seems so happy that he is walking his one and only daughter to marry the love of her life. Okay now that I’m getting teary eyed…