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Gift Guide – Engagement Part 1

20 Nov

With the Holiday Season coming up I thought starting a Gift Guide would be a fun project. Every few days I’ll post a few gifts for different people in your life. While these gifts are being featured during the Holidays, I think they are great to give year round too.  Today’s edition is gifts for the newly engaged woman (sorry guys!) or couple. Being fresh out of wedding-planning mode I still have lots of ideas on my mind. Getting engaged is a very exciting time and it is definitely something that deserves little celebration gifts on its own.

The first gift on the list is a ceramic dish for rings. Any ceramic dish works well or you could do a ring holder if you prefer that look. I have a little ceramic dish that we bought on our honeymoon that I put my rings in while doing dishes. I thought this one from ZinniaDesignstc on Etsy was just too adorable.



The next gift is definitely appropriate for this time of year and perfect for the couple that has just gotten engaged recently. It is from InFromTheRains on  Etsy and is only $16. A wonderful addition to the newly engaged couple’s Christmas tree!



The last gift on tonight’s feature is a simple and lovely print from the Etsy shop MissPrint Design (who sells stationery including Save the Dates and Invitations) and is a daily reminder of what Love is. The frame is not included, but I think that’s all the better so that you can personalize it as much as you want!


I hope you enjoyed the gifts featured on tonight’s Gift Guide! Stay tuned for more gifts for all the loved ones in your life.


5 tips to get through a fight

17 Nov

Let’s face it – every couple fights. I have never believed those couples that say “we never fight”..to them I say “bullshit”!  Fighting the right way can be healthy and it’s normal for couples to disagree from time to time…as long as it’s not taken too far. However, sometimes you  get into a fight with your partner and you just don’t know how it will end. Here are a few tips to make the fighting stop sooner (and hopefully get a few laughs)!


1. Name at least one thing you would rather be doing and do it …..eat, have sex, walk the dog, watch TV, go get some ice cream (the possibilites are endless)

2. Take your clothes off ….. and see what happens! 🙂

3. First person to raise their voice has to rhyme every sentence

4. Write your feelings out and exchange notes….. sometimes you can think more clearly when writing it down…and then by the time you are done you probably won’t be so mad

5. Apologize before the fight gets going … sometimes all a person needs to hear is “I’m sorry” and it makes everything better