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Day 12 – something you’re OCD about

26 Nov

Umm….a lot of things. So I’ll try to narrow it down to a few just so I don’t bore you…or so you don’t think I’m crazy! (I am though.)

1) Things being closed – drawers, doors, cabinets, closets, shower curtains …..they need to be closed. They should only be opened when retrieving something, putting something away or stepping into or out of the shower. When they are not in use they should be closed. It bothers me just thinking about these thing s being open!

2) Blankets being folded – I hate seeing a blanket after it’s been used all balled up and thrown into a corner of the couch. It makes me uneasy. Once that blanket is folded it’s like immediate calm in my mind.

3) Things being in the correct place in the kitchen (last one, I promise) – Ok so this one might be a little crazy. All plates that are the same need to be together and not stacked with other mismatched plates, same goes for anything that has several of the same thing. This even goes as far as small spoons stay with other small spoons and big ones with big ones.You get my drift.

Yup, I’ll admit it I’m slightly neurotic. But that’s just a cute quirk right?