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That’s right, I don’t eat meat…now move on!

12 May

It has now been about 4 months since I stopped eating meat. I still eat fish, but I refer to myself as vegetarian, mainly because I despise the word “pescatarian”. I don’t know why, I just do. The past 4 months have been great for me. I have felt healthier, had more energy and just feel better about myself in general. The only problem that I’ve experienced in this time has been people’s astonishment that I don’t eat meat. And the dreaded question….WHY.

Here’s a typical scenario for you.

Out to dinner with friends….

Friend: Ohh you want to split the chicken lime tacos?
Me: No, thank you. I don’t eat meat.
Friend: REALLY???
Me: Yes, really.
Friend: Since when??
Me: It’s been a few months now.
Friend: Why??
Me: Because I just don’t want to.
Friend: But isthere a reason…...

It literally happens like that every single time. And it REALLY bothers me. I am so sick of the question. Why do you care so much if I don’t eat meat? Is it a requirement that as a human being I have to eat meat? I don’t feel like I need to provide a reason for the choices that I make, especially when they are not affecting anyone but me! But yet for some reason, everyone feels the need to find out more. As if I need a reason. I don’t ask you why you do eat meat, so don’t ask me why I don’t!

I could say it’s because I love animals or because the texture grosses me out or the whole concept gives me a slight bout of the heebie-jeebies, but instead I always say because I just don’t want to. Because that is the truth! I have no desire to cut into a whole chicken or chomp down on a burger. I just don’t. And I wish people would just leave it at that….and move on.

Rant over.