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Love and the lake – weekend recap

1 Jun

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! Noah and I took yesterday off in order to make it a true mini vacation for ourselves. We had a great weekend and were very relaxed.

Friday night we went to our friends’ wedding in Frederick, Maryland. The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour and everything looked absolutely beautiful. I love the attention that was paid to all the details. The food was incredible too!

Then, about halfway through their reception we saw the sky turning black and overheard that there was a tornado watch for the area. I managed to snap a picture of the (somewhat pretty looking) sky right before the downpour and insane winds began. Oh, and the power went out right as I was sitting on the toilet. That was fun! Luckily, the venue had back up generators that they used until the storm passed. The bride and groom weren’t phased though which just goes to show that no matter what, your wedding day is awesome!

All in all, we had a great time! Congratulations Shawn & Michelle!


On Saturday, we drove to the airport to head to Georgia for our extended weekend. When we arrived in Atlanta we met up with Noah’s friend Mario and his wife to hang out and grab some lunch. I’ve been dying to try Richard Blais’ Flip Burger ever since Katie from SheLikesRuffles posted about it during her trip to BlogHer Food. Well, it did not disappoint! I had the “Fauxlafel” burger and fries with a Cap’n Crunch milkshake. It was freakin awesome. Unfortunately, my phone was dead at this point so I did not manage to get any pictures of our lunch, or more importantly, with our friends!

After dinner and some down time we drove out to Lake Oconee. We spent the next three days hanging out at the pool, going out on the boat, golfing (Noah), hanging out with family and friends and eating a lot! We also saw Hangover 2 (which was terrible) one night once everyone else had left. I didn’t take many pictures throughout the weekend (I was too busy sunbathing and/or babysitting my nephew with my sister in law and cousin) but here are a few I managed to get.




We came home late last night, but luckily I am working from home today. I hope you all enjoyed at least one day off this past weekend! Can you believe it is June already?! Rabbit rabbit!


Gift Guide – Housewarming

16 Dec

I guess this is fitting since we just moved to a new house…a gift guide for housewarming gifts! I think these would actually make cute wedding presents too! This post might be a little late considering many of these actual sellers might be too busy right now, but you could probably find similar things in stores if you looked hard enough!


Everything Spice Kit –



Monogrammed dish towels –



Customized state cutting board (could do location of home or location of wedding)



Personalized Frames –





Next time…stocking stuffers!!

Day 18 – Your Wedding

3 Dec

My wedding was honestly the best day of my life! I can’t believe it was over 3 months ago on a sweltering hot day in August that Noah and I were married and celebrated with our family and friends.

The day started early for me – at 6 AM to be exact! I woke up because I was so cold so I just decided to get out of bed. I had a while before I needed to do anything or go anywhere so I went to the grocery store to pay for our cake (more on that later) and buy some snacks to keep me energized throughout the day! When I got back I hung out with my mom, ate and just relaxed. While my bridesmaids were out getting their hair done, my friend Nicole was giving me a massage. It was just what I needed to relax. After my massage I quickly showered then headed to the salon to get my hair and make up done. At this point it was pouring rain outside and I was expecting that we would have to move our wedding inside. I was disappointed but really nothing could have dampened my mood – we were getting married!

At the salon

Once we got back from the salon I had another snack and popped some champagne with my girls. We hung out for a little bit until our [awesome] photographers arrived. Once Tom and Christina got there it was pretty much a whirlwind. They took some getting ready shots, I got in my dress, we took some more pictures, gathered all of our stuff then drove over to the ceremony site! While all of this was going on the boys were at the groomsmen house getting ready, taking pictures and of course, having a drink (or two)!

Getting ready

The boys

The next thing I knew we were lining up to walk down the aisle and then it was time. My dad held my arm and my eyes locked with Noah’s as I walked down the aisle. It feels like a dream!! The ceremony was absolutely perfect. Our friend Jesse was our officiant and he did an amazing job! It was sweltering hot but the ceremony only lasted about 10-15 minutes so I didn’t think it was too bad. My favorite part of the ceremony was saying our vows and our first kiss!

The ceremony

Immediately after the ceremony we went into the lobby where we were hugging everyone and pictures were taken. The moment was such a high! After some people went to the cocktail hour we started taking family pictures. They didn’t take too long even though there were a lot of people to gather! After the family pictures we did pictures with our bridal party. Then it was just Noah and I and that was probably one of my favorite parts of the day. We had a good amount of time where we were just taking pictures, talking about our days, kissing, holding hands and non-stop smiling. I was enjoying our private time so much I almost didn’t want to go to our reception!


We were announced at the reception and immediately started our first dance. It was to Wilco’s “True Love Will Find You in The End” and I loved it. Then we did the father/daughter and mother/son dances as well.

First dances

Dinner was DELICIOUS. Seriously, best food ever. I’m really glad we were able to eat our entire plates of food!! We tried to eat quickly so that we could start visiting tables. We ended up not being able to go to all of our tables which we were a little bummed about. After dancing for a while we did the toasts – all of which were so thoughtful and meaningful. After the toasts we did the Hora – it was so much fun! It was very chaotic and energetic and I loved it! After the Hora it was time for us to cut the cake! Ohh the cake. It was so ugly, but it was delicious! I can’t wait to eat that sucker on our one year anniversary! Not too much later I told Noah that I was tired and I was ready to go. He was too and said he was glad I said that to him because he didn’t want to end it before I did! We said our goodbyes as people made their way down to the docks for our boat send off. Just as the sparklers were being lit Noah and I ran through (trying not to get burned) and hopped in the boat. Everyone waved and cheered as we pulled out into the night.

Toasts, Hora, Cake and Getaway

It was such a beautiful and memorable day and I love being married to my best friend! We are so grateful to all the friends and family that were able to celebrate with us and also to those who helped in any way, shape or form to help make our day run a little smoother!

Day 7 – A photo that makes you happy

21 Nov

This photo makes me extremely happy every time I see it. Look at it! How can you not be happy when seeing this photo? My smile is huge and it’s obvious that the excitement I was feeling in that moment was uncontrollable! And then there is my dad’s face. It is just amazing to me. He is looking down the aisle at Noah and he just seems so happy that he is walking his one and only daughter to marry the love of her life. Okay now that I’m getting teary eyed…

Shout Out – Tom Smarch Photography

18 Nov

Our wedding day was the most amazing day of my life!! As much as I would love to relive that day over and over again, I can’t…but I do have amazing photographs that captured the spirit of the day and the love that was in the air. Tom Smarch and his assistant, Christina Wedge, were absolutely wonderful to work with. I booked Tom only a few months before our wedding and he did such an amazing job! He made me feel comfortable, beautiful and like a model….while still feeling like myself! Christina was so much fun and kept us entertained and treated me like a model. If you are in the Atlanta area I would highly recommend them. Check out Tom’s facebook page while his website is under construction.

Their work speaks for itself….