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I hate February.

9 Feb

Seriously, February sucks. Sure, it’s the “love month” because of Valentine’s Day and everything, but I don’t think it has anything else going for it. Let me tell you the reasons why February sucks…

  • Valentine’s Day – sure, it’s a great day to pretend to be “romantic” but in all reality it’s probably the most depressing holiday of the year. So much disappointment is to experience on this day. Singles and couples alike will feel let down at one point or another. And I’m pretty sure it’s just a day of bragging by those whose husbands/fiances/boyfriends/girlfriends sent flowers to the office!
  • President’s Day – my company took this day away from us and is basically requiring we come into work….so there goes that one good thing!
  • It’s freakin cold – who likes being cold? I have yet to figure this out. I would much prefer to be in hot hot heat than an arctic tundra. And if it’s going to be so cold, it could at least snow so that we can work from home, but we live in Virginia so it rarely snows. (Damn you, Snowpacalypse for spoiling us last winter!)
  • Spring is still an entire month away – this month is truly the “dead of winter” in my eyes…December is filled up with Holidays and January has a fresh feeling to it, but February just feels lonesome and boring – I can’t wait another 6 weeks til spring!
  • It’s short – which seems like a good thing, but then you realize it’s only February 9th and you have 21 more days to go! 21 days!!!
  • The days are still shorter – yes, the sun has been coming up earlier and staying up longer, but it still gets dark ridiculously early and it’s not light out when I get up!


Okay, rant over. But really, March cannot come soon enough!!!  And for some visual stimulation (and a way to remind ourselves of spring!)