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Gift Guide – Housewarming

16 Dec

I guess this is fitting since we just moved to a new house…a gift guide for housewarming gifts! I think these would actually make cute wedding presents too! This post might be a little late considering many of these actual sellers might be too busy right now, but you could probably find similar things in stores if you looked hard enough!


Everything Spice Kit –



Monogrammed dish towels –



Customized state cutting board (could do location of home or location of wedding)



Personalized Frames –





Next time…stocking stuffers!!


On the road again

24 Nov

We are on our way down to Lake Oconee for Thanksgiving weekend and Im writing this from a phone!! I still have to post for day 11 of the 30 day blog journal but it will have to wait until later, or possibly even tomorrow. Weve only been on the road for 2 hours but it feels like 8! Ok back to listening to Harry Potter on tape (yes Nancy
Im actually paying attention AND enjoying it!)

Safe travels everyone!